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Premium Remanufactured Jensen Healey, Lotus 907 Water Pump
Premium Remanufactured Jensen Healey, Lotus 907 Water Pump Quantity in Basket: None
Code: RWP
Price: $249.00
Shipping Weight: 3.80 pounds
Need gaskets? + $3.00:
No thanks, I don't need any gaskets
Add gaskets + $14.00
I don't have time to clean or degrease the old core I'm sending to you, you can do that for me + $20
Premium Remanufactured Jensen Healey Water Pump for the Lotus 907 engine with core exchange.

JHPS exclusive! The "leakless" water pump has arrived! The original Lotus water pump for the Jensen Healey is not the best of designs. In the 15 years I drove my Jensen Healey daily, I never got more than 2-3 years out of a rebuilt water pump before it would fail. Do not confuse this product with the garbage your Lotus engine came with, these are not rebuild, they are remanufactured. We've improved it by machining it to accept a superior quality bearing assembly and by using ceramic seals to insure long life and dependability. Extra labor involved means higher cost, but it's worth it! Quality of these units exceeds new Lotus pumps specs - compare at over $400! I can tell you this is the best quality 907 waterpump sold on the planet-no exceptions. Style and color of pump pulley may differ from one shown, but will still fit your existing fan pulley.

PLEASE, YOU MUST READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: Sold ONLY with your old water pump core in exchange which must be received and visually verified as serviceable before shipment. Prepaid water pump orders will ship the same day I receive your old unit. Water pumps are shipped only AFTER your rebuildable core is received, inspected and deemed servicable (I need to mention it in case your pump has exploded or whatever). If your pump has internal housing damage, these can sometimes be fixed, but we will need your pump for at least a of couple weeks to attempt repairs. Any pump deemed to be in poor condition may not be eligible for exchange and that can add an additional 2-3 weeks. I'll drop you an email and let you know of any problems when I get the core.

I try to keep several in stock at all times, but they move fast and I do need your core before I ship. I know this is inconvenient, but this is the only way I can insure a constant stream of cores coming in to replace the ones sold. In addition - If the pulley is welded to the shaft on your old pump, figure an additional $45 to make a new shaft (some wacky dealers did this years ago as a warranty fix).

Send your water pump core to the address listed on your invoice.

We have Jensen Healey, JH-5 and Jensen GT water water pumps in stock at all times for exchange, but we also rebuild all year Lotus and all British car water pumps too at similiar costs.

Tech Tip: Protect your Lotus engine and your water pump- always add Water Wetter to your new 50% water (distilled) and 50% coolant mixture. Water Wetter is an excellent water pump lubricant.

Please don't even think about shipping me a greasy core. If I need to clean or degrease a really nasty one, you'll be charged at least $20.

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